WTS Global and LATAXNET enter an exclusive cooperation between both tax networks

WTS Global and LATAXNET proudly announce the exclusive cooperation between both tax networks which was recently signed in an official ceremony held in Munich. The agreement was closed in the joint endeavor to serve its international clients in all tax matters independently and without the constraints of an audit firm seamlessly across the globe. Furthermore, both organizations are united in the ambition to further build the global tax practice of the future.

Founded in 2003, LATAXNET has been acknowledged as the leading Latin American tax consulting network for several years now. It consists of highly reputed tax law firms in Latin America covering 18 countries on the continent. Each of the member firms enjoys a strong reputation on their respective home market with consistently excellent rankings in the relevant tax and legal publications.

WTS Global, also established in 2003 by founding member WTS Germany, has grown to one of the leading global tax practices worldwide. With a representation in more than 100 countries, WTS Global and LATAXNET are an ideal complementary match. WTS Global deliberately refrains from conducting annual audits in order to avoid any conflicts of interest and to be the long- term trusted advisor for its international clients. Clients of WTS Global include multinational companies, international mid-size companies as well as private clients and family offices.

WTS Global and LATAXNET have been working together successfully for over 5 years before closing the cooperation agreement. The initial connect was made through Brazilian tax law firm Machado Associados, who is a member in both organizations. For the signing ceremony 9 representatives from 7 countries from LATAXNET made the effort to come to Germany where they visited several WTS offices and met with tax executives from German multinationals doing business in Latin America.

Wim Wuyts, CEO of WTS Global comments the cooperation agreement as follows: “The agreement between WTS Global and LATAXNET is a milestone and a strong signal to the global tax market. WTS Global clients with tax challenges and opportunities in Latin America now have a one stop shop solution for all tax matters at the highest quality. Besides the fact that both organizations have the same strategic set up, a similarly strong integration and share the same objectives, our cooperation is based on strong, trustful personal relations. Our people simply have the same chemistry and know each other.”

Cristian Rosso: President of LATAXNET and partner at Rosso, Alba, Francia & Associados in Argentina adds: “WTS Global and LATAXNET are both relatively young organizations with the same ambition and dynamics. Our network has been approached many times with cooperation opportunities from various players all over the world. We have always decided to refrain from any cooperation and remain on our own until we met WTS Global. There is a very vivid exchange on all levels and I am convinced that it is our mutual multinational clients who will benefit most from the cooperation.”