The Network

The many years of counseling services provided to firms, international and regional organizations and governments evidence our understanding of business know-how and the legal framework in the region. Our coordination ability enables us to work on a synchronized level, supplying tailored and efficient solutions to your business.

Who We Are

We are a network of advisors composed of Latin American and Caribbean professional firms. The network was formed with the goal of offering the highest-level advisory services in participating countries, with special emphasis on keeping our clients up to date on the latest developments. Our organizational structure allows us to share experiences and professional know-how, always keeping in mind the perspective and reality of each individual country. Our experience with laws and tax cases at the Hemispheric level, along with constant information sharing regarding the latest tax trends, ensure that our clients are well informed and prepared to deal with their tax issues.

What We Do

LATAXNET offers integrated tax advisory services in Latin and Central America and the Caribbean, proposing multi-jurisdictional solutions that take account of the opportunities presented by each country’s legislation. We are a network of specialists who belong to some of the most highly-regarded independent professional firms in the region, organized for the purpose of offering tax and legal services of the highest quality.

Our World

Every country in the Americas has its own complex tax and legal system. The particular details of a given country present a challenge that could affect the success or failure of an investment. LATAXNET has been created with the purpose of providing professional legal and tax services in the entire American continent.

How We Can Help

We ensure professional and sophisticated legal counsel based on broad legal and tax experience, from well-known specialists, aiming at specialized and tailored solutions whether locally or regionally, with an understanding of the diversity and cultural singularities of each country. We work to keep our clients up to date on the changes and tendencies in local and international taxation, and in identifying the best alternatives in complying with their obligations. We work with clients in achieving international corporate and tax structuring organized and projected towards their specific needs and trends in terms of substance and compliance, providing creative and precise business solutions with practical and effective outcomes.


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