Our History

LATAXNET was born in 2003 out of shared experiences in work and academia from our founding members and participating firms. Seminal were Miguel (Mike) Valdez and Peter Byrne who helped promote and found the network altogether with a group of well reputed experts in relevant Latin American jurisdictions with whom they shared a view on the opportunities for in-depth and comprehensive advice which would take into account the particularities of the different jurisdictions while leveraging on synergies proper of our interactions allowing for tailored solutions and efficiencies in cross-border taxation analysis and counseling.

Such an alliance continued to develop and formalize in the following years in the understanding that the basis for its success was in the accumulated knowledge in all fields of taxation by our member firms coupled with a keen interest in taxation policy across the region. The same led our members to participate over the years in different events and conferences on tax policy, including before the International Development Bank, Georgetown University, New York University and the Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV Direito), among others; as well as led thee firms to actively exchange and coordinate efforts not only aimed at marketing but in sharing their knowledge on taxation and cross-border opportunities.

LATAXNET has continued to evolve and mature during this almost two decades in order to cope with the developments (and regressions) in the different Latin American tax systems, keeping our aim of providing coordinated, dynamic and integrated solutions to our clients. Chief in differentiating us from other networks is our aim at developing knowledge to be passed to younger generations in the different member firms. The same results in the combination of far reaching knowledge and experience of our most senior members with the thrive and keen curiosity of our younger ones in addressing the newest trends in taxation.

As the world and world taxation develop we aim at continuing to address the different issues arising from the same in Latin America in an ever more integrated and state-of-the-art manner.

The Beginning

LATAXNET was the result of the deep professional respect among its founding members and their prowess to achieve sustainable solutions when addressing tax and legal issues in their jurisdictions. From its origins based on such respect and their aim at sharing knowledge and solutions our founding members managed to shape the network allowing for closely-knit professional exchange while allowing for the required autonomy proper for each member firm to address the particularities of its jurisdiction. We at LATAXNET are grateful to our founders in their path-shaping work and efforts. The respect and work they developed has only continued to grow among LATAXNET member firms over the years while keeping our aim and ethos of providing state-of-the art solutions sitting under the law.

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