What we stand for

We are connected by a set of common values, which are the bedrock on which we base our actions and long term strategies. These values are the basis for our interaction with clients, member firms, colleagues and institutions.

About us – our values

Lataxnet is a Leading Regional Tax Practice.


Our member firms standards of practice are characterized by the pursuit of sustainable solutions through the use of ingenuity. Applying knowledge to achieve effective, practical results has been the aim of LATAXNET since its inception. The same require openness and curiosity about new trends and practices as well as hard work in effectively shaping the same into individual solutions suitable to the client.


We are a trustworthy partner to our clients. We provide proper, prompt, effective and responsible support to our clients. We place ourselves in our clients shoes with a view of the long-term consequences of decision-making while working hand-in-hand with clients in implementing appropriate solutions for their particular problems.


We stand for the highest level of professional advice and quality of services, based on our pursue of shared knowledge. Our member firms have extensive expertise and draw on many years of experience in the different areas of industry in their jurisdictions as well as in the areas of tax and law in international, cross-border and local dealings.


We are simply passionate about knowledge, the carrying of our work and, when needed, pursuing and achieving out-of-the-box solutions. Being passionate about our work makes us highly motivated, enthusiastic and committed to our clients and our people.


Our work extends as part of our everyday life. We believe in a principled life and work with due regards to our responsibilities to ourselves, our member firms, our jurisdictions and the community as a whole. As a result we believe that character is better taught by example.

We live by our values

We aim for all LATAXNET members, from junior professionals, to support staff, to senior partners, to work by our values.

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