Venezuela: Social media, regulations, and data protection of individuals

Some believe that the scandal that occurred in the 2016 US elections with Cambridge Analytics, and more recently, the exponential increase in hate speech on social media platforms that led to the Assault on the Capitol in 2021, justifies a regulation that makes necessary the protection of personal data, avoiding targeted political advertising, as well as regulations aimed at limiting hate speech.

We therefore consider that the existing regulations should essentially address these assumptions: hate speech or incitement to violence, racial or sexual discrimination, violation of the protection of personal data and targeted political advertising.
In our most recent TIP TPA, our specialist, Dr. Juan Domingo Alfonzo Paradisi, comments on the regulation and protection of data of natural persons in social networks.

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Access the material here: Redes sociales, regulación y protección de datos de las personas naturales

Writer: Torres Plaz y Araujo Abogados