Tax Technology

Globalized International trade, digitalization of the economy and e-commerce has turned the world into a complex, virtual and sophisticated tax environment full of operational changes.

At LATAXNET, we help clients to face digital economy demands and challenges while reducing tax burden and risks in an efficient way where tax opportunities are turned into real business-oriented results.

During the last years, many Latin America countries have evidenced a two pronged tendency, to introduce digital services or akin taxes and in a substantial rise in the introduction of digital tax reporting, involving process automation, data management and tax collaboration based on e-invoicing and real-time reporting.

Tax collaboration and automatic exchange of information requires a wide and specialized knowledge on software implementation. LATAXNET assist our clients with sophisticated tax advice for complying with the automation of processes and digital controls derived from the direct and indirect tax governance in Latin America.

Our goal is to accompany clients in a growing tax technology experience, while structuring business and investments to the latest tax policy trends and developments.

Our tax technology services cover:

  • Tax Impact analysis
  • Structuring E-Business Operations
  • Development and implementation of tax tools
  • Introduction of validation and reporting tools
  • Digital tax reporting
  • Tax Process Automation Advice
  • Tax Data management
  • Tax collaboration issues and claims
  • e-invoicing and real-time reporting
  • Tax Technology integrations
  • Minimization of Tax Liability and Compliance Risks
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