Recent or expected changes in VAT and GST regulations and compliance duties in various EU and third countries

EU Member-States

  • France: New tax obligations for online marketplaces
  • Hungary: Most important changes to online invoice reporting
  • Poland: Changes regarding taxes as of 2020
  • Romania: Annulment of split VAT regime

Further countries

  • Angola: Cabinda VAT Special Regime, VAT in LNG Project, Reverse charge in Transitory VAT Regime
  • Azerbaijan: Amendments to the Tax Code
  • GCC States I (KSA): Value added tax in KSA
  • GCC States II (Oman, Qatar and Kuwait): The VAT Marathon – The Clock Is Ticking for Oman, Qatar and Kuwait
  • Nigeria: Recent VAT updates
  • Singapore I: Exempting digital payment tokens from GST
  • Singapore II: Levying GST on imported services
  • Turkey: Digital Services Tax
  • Ukraine: Plans to tax supplies of digital services from non-residents

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