Tax Controversy

All business decisions are affected by tax issues, complexities, and controversies.

The complexity that is the hallmark of each country’s tax system is the result of continuing reforms, the constant evolution of tax and economic policies and criteria, fiscal needs, the particular tax practices by the competent authorities and harmonization with local and regional trends.

Our knowledge on local and regional tax issues and of tax management techniques enable us to provide our clients with complete tax advisory services, offering innovative and concrete solutions to all issues that might arise in their dealings with Latin American authorities. As such, our philosophy consists in providing full assistance to the Client before and throughout a tax controversy aiming at avoiding or promptly and effectively resolve as many risks and disputes as possible.

In LATAXNET we believe that well-structured pre-audit tax compliance is key to avoid or increase the chances of success in potential tax conflicts, and we have the expertise and tools to engage in such support work. When a tax controversy is imminent only a well-planned defense may limit relevant economic losses, negative tax impacts and penalties.

When handling existing controversies, we believe that an educated and respectful exchange and negotiation with the competent tax authorities involved, under applicable law, proves an alternative in effectively settling tax issues. We have developed over the years significant experience in successfully settling tax controversies for our clients.

When required our experts have very broad experience in handling tax related proceedings before the different domestic and international tax authorities and courts, including judicial hearings and oral submission of defense before administrative and judicial courts in any tax practice area (including but not limited to personal income tax, corporate tax, transfer pricing, international tax, VAT, Customs and Excise duty, inheritance tax, stamp duty, etc.), pursuing injunctions when required, as well as constitutional protections, extending even to proceedings to have confiscatory or excessive taxes being repealed or stricken down.

Last but not least, our experts and well known and considered as second to none alternatives for acting as experts in law or arbitrators in tax litigation or commercial or institutional arbitration proceedings.

Our wide range of services in Tax Controversy include:

  • Local and Cross-border Pre-audit Consulting
  • Audit Management Consulting
  • Legal Assistance during Tax Audits and Proceedings
  • Tax Disputes Negotiation and Settlement
  • Litigation and Tax Controversy Assistance before Administrative and Judicial Courts
  • Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) and Treaty Arbitration Assistance
  • Investor-State Arbitration Assistance on Tax and Other Matters
  • Tax Defense Strategies Design
  • Dispute Resolution Consulting
  • Risk Management.
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