Regulatory & Trade Law

National, Regional and Local Government Authorities, Investment, Currency Exchange and Consumer Prices and Protection Agencies, Antitrust and Anti-dumping Authorities, National Health Service bodies are just a few of the many actors a Company has to deal with to advance its investments and business activities in Latin American countries.

At the time a company determines that an international business operation will take place, its plans are likely to involve fulfilling multiple local administrative consents and authorizations, proceedings, public applications and other institutional and governmental formalities.

Regulatory obligations, antitrust & anti-dumping legislation, price regulations and consumer protection limitations as well as obtaining official licenses, permits and authorizations relevant for a business, trade or endeavor need to be examined when projecting the same and before advancing with them as they tend to materially impact the structure and execution of the relevant business, trade or endeavor. LATAXNET offers advisory services based on the legal and regulatory business regimes in each investment destination to achieve full regulatory compliance status in accordance with local and international trade practices.

At the same time, we have the capabilities to support our clients in pursuing the respective licenses, permits and authorizations required for all sectors related to commercial trade and activities (importation, exportation, local trading, manufacture, public works and contracting, construction, health service and consumer products).

Furthermore, we have long standing experience in supporting clients´ projects and endeavors associated with public works and services, and in developing public utility and other State sponsored or reserved activities. The same including the structuring of public works contracts, public private partnerships (PPPs), concessionary services, public utilities, oil and gas and other mineral rights acquisition and operation. We assist our clients in participating in bids, preparing offers, negotiating governmental contracts, following governmental contractual regulations, and resolving operational, administrative and contractual controversies before Regulatory Authorities, Administrative or Judicial Courts, Commercial and even Institutional Arbitration.

Our Regulatory Trade Law services include:

  • Public Contracting and International Trade Assistance
  • Antitrust & Anti-dumping (A&A) law compliance
  • Price Regulation and Consumer Protection Services
  • Import, Export and Manufacture permits application
  • Management and administration of commercial and regulatory documentation
  • Pharmaceutical Permits Application
  • Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Regulatory Due Diligence
  • Assistance on Administrative and Court Proceedings
  • Regulatory Audits Advice
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