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Real Estate has traditionally been one of the safest investments by well-advised investors. Price, period of acquisition and exit, tax impact, location, land extension, economic actors, rental conditions, profitability are only some of the complex aspects to bear in mind when a property is included in your portfolio.

LATAXNET helps investors and clients in the different stages, negotiations and transactions to purchase, lease, rent, or sell real estate properties.

A client well-advised about market conditions and local and regional market conduct and the potential tax incidence of buying into, holding and, eventually, disposing of investments in real property or real property and akin rights is our goal at LATAXNET. For that reason, we provide guidance and assistance through all the process of acquiring, selling, contributing, or leasing real estate properties, as well as other real property rights.

Our comprehensive Real Estate services involve a complete Real Estate Tax Planning advisory experience, since the short, medium, and large-scale portfolios projects and investments are driven by well-planned tax strategies to achieve tax efficiency based on the use of tax benefits and incentives and the optimization of the tax burden, while analyzing competitive rental rates, transactions, and prices. The same is supplemented with our knowledge of regulatory limitations and conditions across the different markets and how to safely and timely deal with them.

We further provide legal assistance in the risk analysis in the acquisition and holding of properties, as well as support in dealing with tax audits and assessments related to Real Estate transactions and holdings, as well as with the counseling and representing clients in administrative and court appeals.

Our real estate services include:

  • Real Estate Tax Planning
  • Analysis of existing Real Estate portfolios
  • Corporate, Real Estate and Liquid Investments Advice.
  • Real Estate Refinancing Advice
  • Development of long-term, tax-optimized strategies for the acquisition & exit
  • Tax optimization in Real Estate transfer tax or other stamp duties
  • Cross-border Real Estate transactions
  • Development of open and closed-end Real Estate funds including product design, product structure and prospectus design
  • Acquisition & exit of large-scale projects such as hotels, holiday parks, shopping centers, commercial Real Estate or large residential portfolios
  • Negotiation, execution and registration of leases, subleases, deeds and other contracts and agreements relating to the Real Estate Property
  • Post-Closing Management
  • Handling of the current financial accounting
  • Tax returns for all types of taxes relating to Real Estate (Corporate Taxes, VAT, RETT, land tax)
  • Support of Real Estate Tax Audits
  • Filing of objections lawsuits before tax authorities and courts
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