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Our approach to managing family wealth covers all features related to the management of a business plus those related to multi-generational issues.

LATAXNET approach begins with the concept that every legal and family relation must be managed in a comprehensive professional manner as every business, but acknowledging the need for addressing the family group tax situation and financial profile as a whole. Our professionals are specially dedicated in supervising the investment, tax, estate planning and administrative tasks that high net-worth families (HNWF) and individuals (HNWI) confront on a-daily-basis.

Dedicating professional specialized resources to each client’s familiar and legal relationship has allowed LATAXNET to ensure that our clients’ overall financial goals and objectives are fully achieved along the years, and that all aspects of said relationships are working toward the clients’ advantage.

Our services for high net-worth families (HNWF) and individuals (HNWI) cover and introduce a wide range and variety of Multi-Family services tailored to the needs of each specific client: business owners, corporate executives, entertainers and professional athletes – those who require sophisticated advice and close personal relations.

We advise on effective, tax-efficient and sustainable methods and alternatives for the inter-generational distribution of assets and family businesses over the course of our client’s life, using structures that include trusts, fiduciary arrangements, funds, private foundations, testamentary solutions, and many other options.

Our services for HNWF, HNWI and Multi-Family Services & Offices include legal advice and guidance in relation to:

  • Family and inter-generational business succession planning
  • Strategic asset protection
  • Family estate planning and administration
  • Private foundation administration
  • Multi-Family and succession issues
  • Retirement personal plans services
  • Estate planning and structural services introducing trusts, funds, private foundations, testamentary solutions, holdings, and family charters to carry out succession goals
  • Design of family ownership and external management alternatives for inter-generational transfers of the family held businesses
  • Maintenance of active and/or passive control over the family business within the multi-generational turmoil
  • Assistance with charitable activities
  • Tax optimization and mitigation of domestic and foreign multi-family businesses and investments
  • Emigration and immigration tax advice and structuring
  • Inter-generational property control and management structures
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