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Torres Plaz & Araujo (TPA)

Address: Avenida Francisco de Miranda, Urbanización Campo Alegre. Torre Europa, piso 2, municipio Chacao, Caracas 1060. Distrito Capital Venezuela.

Phone: +58 212 905 0239

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Torres Plaz & Araujo (TPA)

Torres Plaz & Araujo (TPA) is a Venezuelan full-service law firm, which has offered its legal services since 1972. The values ​​that have allowed TPA to be considered one of the best firms in Venezuela are its experienced management and creativity used for providing innovative solutions and a professional culture, not limited to identifying legal problems, but integrates a complete analysis with financial knowledge and understanding of how these problems affect its clients.

The origins of Torres Plaz & Araujo can be traced back to 1972, but it is a decade later that the founding partners begin to work under the current name, also using the initials TPA as an abbreviated form of identification.

TPA was initially established as a boutique tax firm. Its unquestionable success in taxation allowed TPA to grow in few years and become the interdisciplinary firm that it is today, at all times maintaining its excellence in taxation, and positioning itself as one of the leading general-service firms in Venezuela, as recognized by clients and competitors.

Since our inception, we have strived to provide professional excellence, with a sound combination of talent, creativity, commitment to our clients, responsibility, integrity and, above all, a professional culture oriented to the comprehensive and financial analysis of the cases, the law and the surroundings affecting our clients, without limiting ourselves to merely identifying evident facts and risks.

Seated in Caracas, TPA has strategic alliances with important law firms and lawyers in the most buoyant cities of the interior of the country: Maracaibo, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Puerto Ordaz, Cumana and Valera.

​Our professionals are nationally and internationally recognized in their respective practice areas and are continuously striving to keep up to date with respect to the constant legal changes and current issues affecting the businesses of our clients.

Additionally, Several of our professionals have worked in law firms in the United States and Europe, and others are recognized directors and professors at the graduate and post-graduate level at the most prestigious Venezuelan universities and lecturers at the national and international level.

The experience and knowledge we have amassed allow us to offer advice in complex and sophisticated international and multi-jurisdictional operations, including corporate restructuring, investment protection and advice in matters of tax efficiency in most high-profile projects in hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, mining and energy areas.

We have an active involvement in advising in matters of expropriations, takeovers and negotiations of acquisitions between private parties or the Government, including cases of international and institutional arbitration, such as acting as experts in such areas as mining, banking, insurance and financial matters.

Our firm also collaborates with institutional and nonprofit activities benefiting the best and most equitable development of the country.

The social commitment of the Firm and our professionals allows us to contribute to the welfare of the Venezuelans and spur various social initiatives, based on community development, comprehensive education and formation of both Venezuelan youths, and businessmen and executives, environmental conservation and raising awareness to strengthen basic values.


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Juan Carlos Garantón-Blanco
Juan Carlos Garantón-Blanco
+58 212 905 0239