Indirect Tax

Indirect Taxation and tax policies based on consumption as a main tool for generating public revenue in many Latin America countries results in daily challenges being faced by Companies’ tax departments across the region. Such challenges commonly encompass excessive or overlapping indirect taxes, the need to understand and comply with particularities of VAT systems throughout the region, or coping with compliance and formal requirements for multiple taxes at different Governmental levels.

Our business-oriented approach to develop legal innovative and practical indirect tax solutions for clients along the region and across a huge range of industries and businesses have characterized LATAXNET as a leading tax network in indirect tax services for years.

Our service offering comprises the whole range of indirect tax services, including Value Added Taxes (VAT), Goods and Service Taxes (GST), Sales Tax, Property Tax, Customs and excise duties, environmental taxes, excises, consumption taxes, taxes on overall activities and financial transactions taxes, and goes from the design of tax efficient supply chain structures and successful indirect tax strategies via the preparation and filing of tax returns, the assistance and supervision in field audits to full representation in administrative proceedings and appeals before administrative tax authorities and tax courts.

LATAXNET extensive legal expertise in Latin America economies with taxation based on consumption and indirect taxes allows Clients to reduce substantial tax impact on their businesses while guaranteeing the full indirect tax compliance with no affectation to complex supply chains and cash flow in the jurisdictions they do business in.

LATAXNET’s Indirect tax services also comprise firsthand assistance in reporting and indirect tax compliance obligations, as well as legal representation in proceedings resulting from late filings, late payments of VAT, Sales taxes, GST and other indirect taxes, late and incorrect postings on returns, defense and opposition against tax penalties and fines.

  • Indirect Tax Structuring
  • Indirect Tax Compliance and Performance
  • Ongoing Operations Legal Assistance
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Tax Settlement Services
  • Design of tax efficient supply chain structures
  • Representation in field audits, administrative appeals and before tax courts
  • Pre-indirect taxes audit reviews
  • Staff and Tax Departments Training
  • Liaison with tax Department in preparation and filing of indirect tax returns
  • Transactions and Restructuring
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