Global Mobility

Business globalization involves constant cross-border flows of capital, resources, investments and, above all, people.

After a company has established an overseas presence through some sort of foreign investment, the management and repatriation of the foreign operation’s capital and profits eventually will become an issue. Global mobility services include and integrate our extensive experience in the management and repatriation of foreign capital operations, property and investments as well as specialized tax advice on expatriates’ international and local regime.

LATAXNET and its professionals stay up-to-date on trends in the international legal system, which facilitate capital repatriation strategies based on both the short and long term goals of the client. We provide all information necessary to make the right business decisions regarding overseas and repatriation operations. By providing such support, LATAXNET helps clients acquire the confidence to expand their operations at the international level in a safe and successful manner.

LATAXNET also responds to the needs faced by multinational companies in the management of their overseas personnel, offering an integrated service that includes contract drafting, document management, and analysis of Pension and Social Security issues.

We offer comprehensive legal support (both to the company and to employees and individuals working abroad) including:

  • Capital Repatriation and Management Operations
  • Tax Residence Advice
  • International Tax Structuring
  • Immigration Support
  • Global Expatriate Management
  • Consulting Services for companies / employers including International Payroll
  • Tax Services for employees
  • International Cross-border Employment Solutions
  • Social Security Services
  • Labor Law Services.
  • Life and health insurance personal and familiar plans
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