International trade is an essential part of business for all companies and prompt and effective clearance is one of the keys for the sustainability of the global exchange of goods and services.

A relevant part of clearance in the global exchange of goods and services derives from the knowledge of Customs & International Trade regimes existing in those jurisdictions where the merchandises will be exchanged and delivered, as well as in dealing with regional and bilateral free trade or customs and import duties agreements.

LATAXNET knowledge on customs regulations and opportunities through the markets in Latin-America, together with our customs long term practical experience, enables us to offer original solutions designed to expand opportunities, increase competitiveness, and make import and export businesses more profitable as well as certain. Said expertise encompasses the knowledge of applicable domestic regulations and practices, including tax holidays and special import/export regimes, draw-back regimes and the use of domestic free-trade areas (FTAs), as well as the use of regional advantages (ALADI based agreements), sub-regional advantages -such as MERCOSUR and the Andean Community, as well as other bilateral or multilateral tools such as free-trade agreements.

Our professionals have broad experience with clients from different industries with global supply chains along all the Latin American Countries. This legal expertise allows importers and exporters to reduce costs, minimize import and export duties and avoid expensive delays in international trade logistics and regulatory trade controversies.

Our legal services in Customs includes:

  • Customs duty services
  • Free zone advisory services
  • Supply-chain management
  • Importation and Exportation Control Services
  • Selection and analysis of agents and international distribution channels
  • Tax aspects of International Trade
  • Incoterms Management Advise
  • Shipment and insurance Documentation Advice
  • Customs Clearance Advice
  • Legal Consulting
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Audit Consulting
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